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September 8, 2017 from 6-8pm

Ok, so it's not technically "First Friday" in Raleigh, but since half of you will be out of town for the holiday weekend, we are celebrating our First Friday on September 8th to give everyone a chance to meet our artists and view their work. A selection of wines by the glass will be available for purchase along with complimentary light snacks. The artist reception is Friday September 8th from 6-8pm, and their work will be on display until October 30th.



Our Featured Summer Artists Through 8/30/17


Mike and Barbara Guin

We are a husband and wife photographic team "focused" on appreciating moments and surroundings.   We enjoy the outdoors, traveling and experiencing new environs and, for them, photography is a natural extension of that. Thoughts from Barbara: “I enjoy connecting with people through my images. 

Photography can create an intimacy between artist and viewer.  If I share my vision of a particular scene and you enjoy it, we know each other better.  Seeing on someone’s face that my photographs have touched them in some positive way is very satisfying.  Photographs allow us to possess a scene in a lasting way that our memories or even our eyes too often fail to do and I’d like ‘my scene’ to enhance your life somehow.”

Thoughts from Mike: “I’m a bit of a techie and spend a lot of time experimenting with photography gear and learning new techniques.  I see my surroundings in lines and shapes and enjoy exploring how light impacts those.  Emphasizing all three in a beautiful image that makes you want to ‘be there’ or making an artistic image from a common scene is one of the things I enjoy most about photography. When one of my photographs stirs curiosity or elicits other emotions in people, I consider it a good image.

We exhibit our work around the Raleigh Durham area, have had images published in magazines and several of our photographs are hanging in “one of the world’s greatest patient care” facilities.  We are both members of several photography clubs and Barbara serves on the Board of Directors of Cary Photographic Artists. We currently sell to both private and commercial customers.


Jo Bolton

 My journey into photography started later in life when, in 2009, I purchased my first DSLR and joined three local photography clubs. My free time was filled with photo shoots, reading photography books, watching videos and attending workshops. 

 My photography is a collection of the subjects that intrigue me. It is a process of noticing things that are different and interesting. Common subjects include people in their natural environment doing their everyday tasks. I try to read the story in their facial expressions and body language and capture a moment in time. I don’t concentrate on a particular subject and I am open to anything that tells a story. 

They say our photography is a form of self expression. I am not sure what I’m expressing but I’m having a lot of fun doing it! 

 I have been lucky and honored to have my photographs exhibited in juried shows throughout the Triangle and to have won some awards along the way. 


  Harry O’Connor

 Photography has been my hobby for my entire adult life.  Over the years I’ve traveled to many places, both within and outside the United States, and I have sought to produce striking photographs wherever I am.  However, over the past ten years I have advanced myself from what might be called a “vacation photographer” into a photographer seeking to find the memorable image in the ordinary.  Sometimes the ordinary is something big -- a landscape, a barn, a factory, or a bridge; sometimes it is small -- a window, a lock, or even a discarded piece of debris.  No matter the size or the substance, I work to record the details that define the scene and expand the mind.

 Searching for the memorable in the ordinary has become my passion.  In pursuit of this passion I have spent substantial time wandering through the place I call home -- rural and small town Carolina (as well as nearby states) - seeking these memorable images.  I sometimes think of these wanderings as "Off the Interstate" photography.  I enjoy sharing my photography with others and also learning from the ideas and perspectives that other photographers share with me.


 Jim Trull

 My interest in photography began at an early age growing up in Winston-Salem by watching my father.  I watched my father document almost every family event with his ever-present camera.  During high school my brother and I set up a dark room in our basement and throughout college I enjoyed capturing many of the fun times with my fellow classmates.  The demands of running a busy financial planning practice caused me to step away from photography for many years.  I have been taking my photography more seriously for only the last two to three years.  I enjoy trying all types of photography as I work on my craft but landscapes are my passion.  There is nothing like the experience one gets of being alone in nature and watching the beauty of a sunrise or sunset.  I find it a challenge to capture that beauty but it brings me great joy.  I've learned that regardless of whether I capture a nice image or not, it's the journey of trying that really counts.   My goal for now is to keep an open mind, have fun and follow my renewed passion for photography. 


Don Ducey

 Who knows where a passion for the visual arts, and photography specifically, comes from.  Passion is found not just in those remarkable and fortunate professionals who create the artistic framework that will help define our times, but in the enthusiasts in all the arts who try to do the same.  A lifelong photographer, I believe our individual style evolves over time and reflects our life’s experiences.

I also think we are all multi-faceted, so I am delighted when a fellow photographer said I am, like him, a “eclectic” taking pictures of nearly anything that is of interest to me.  But regardless of the subject, my goal with every click is to create images that are mine, that are unique to me, that give me and hopefully others some enjoyment, that tell my story and define my view of what is around me.

 I am a retired Army officer and member of Cary Photographic Artists.  I have had the honor of exhibiting in venues around the Triangle area.


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