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Please Note: We are not accepting wine corks for recycling at this time


We Want Your Cork!

We have now partnered with CORKCLUB to recycle your natural and synthetic wine corks. CORKCLUB is a sustainability initiative funded by WIDGETCO to benefit Forest and Ocean Conservation.  WIDGETCO has been a leading wine cork recycler since 2007. Their objective is to grow wine cork recycling by collecting your corks and donating money to help preserve the Earth.  You enjoy the wine and CORKCLUB recycles your corks into various consumer and building products.

Please Note:  You may drop off your corks to us curbside during our business hours of 12-6pm everyday. Please do NOT leave corks at our door or on the sidewalk when we are closed. Also, please make sure your cork donations have NO metal screw caps, cages from sparkling wines or any other foreign materials, only natural or synthetic corks in a sealed ziplock bag or cardboard box.

For each natural cork received, they donate 2 cents each (less shipping and carbon offsets)  to select non-profit entities that clean plastic from our oceans, prevent deforestation, and teach us all better ways to live in harmony with our Earth. For each synthetic cork they receive, it gets recycled into various consumer products. It's a simple project with an ambitious goal, to help recycle every wine cork ​while benefiting Forest and Ocean Conservation.​ WIDGETCO and CORKCLUB have donated over $120,000 to non-profits as a result of wine cork recycling efforts to conservation organizations such as:



Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainably Farmed Wines

We’re often asked if we have any organic wines. It’s a seemingly simple question, but the answer is unfortunately not as straightforward. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

I get “wine headaches” so I want an organic wine so I can avoid sulfites. Right?

You’re likely barking up the wrong vine. Not only do wines made with organic grapes contain sulfites, as they are a natural byproduct of the winemaking process, but sulfites are rarely the culprit for wine-induced headaches. There is a litany of foods - orange juice, dried fruit, bacon, eggs, jams and potato chips, to name a few - that contain more sulfites than are in an average glass of wine. So if you enjoy any of these, your body is probably just fine with the relatively small measure of sulfites found in a glass or two of wine. Furthermore, red wine typically has fewer sulfites than white – debunking the sulfite-induced red wine headache theory.

I want to avoid chemicals and be friendly to the earth.

            Most of the wines we sell here at Seaboard are made by producers with the best interest of their environment, land and vines in mind. However, due to the time commitment and expense of becoming certified as an organic producer, only a small percentage of them undertake the process.

As for the chemicals, it’s important to remember that, unlike with most other crops, quality-minded grape growers seek to minimize yields in their pursuit of exceptional quality. This makes many synthetic chemicals unnecessary.  Furthermore, estates are tied to their vineyard sites for decades or even centuries, therefore these growers want to protect their valuable land and treat it as well as possible.

What distinguishes organically-grown grapes?

            Organic grapes are those grown in a certified organic manner without chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and go through a rigorous certification process that can take up to ten years to complete.

What is sustainable farming?

            Sustainable agriculture integrates crops, livestock, and community to produce wine in a healthy, long-term manner minimal or no use of chemicals. Nearly all quality wines producers practice sustainable farming.

What is biodynamic farming?

            Literally “life-movement,” an extension of organic farming that applies the thoughtful respect between land, sun, and solar system.


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